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I just saw this commercial on TV, and while I thought it was funny (I have a warped sense of humor), I'm thinking that some viewers may be offended by it, as it is sharks giving their opinion of how people tasted after eating a Snickers bar.


I'm EXTREMELY interested in hearing your thoughts on it....



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I think this works. I don't think for a minute that people are going to think this ad is trying to make light of the loss of human life as much as it is making an attempt to parody food snobs (fair game if you're a candy bar company). The only part that seems a bit weird is the focus panel aspect. I get it, but I think this would have been far funnier in a dinner party setting. See, you're not the only one who's warped. Anyway, everything I have ever needed to know about advertising and marketing I learned from Terry O'Reilly host of the wonderfully funny and informative CBC Radio program "The Age of Persuasion". You can listen to past episodes on the show's website. Here's the link: Hopefully CBC doesn't have the content blocked for out of country listeners, if so, they're available on ITunes too. Enjoy.

Thanks for your reply, and you're right -- they indeed are acting like food snobs! I checked out the CBC Radio Program -- very interesting stuff! Right off the bat the "Marketing the Unpleasant" post was both informative and hysterical. Definitely great creative fodder. Some of the banned commercials -- including the banned Durex condom commercial that I can't show here -- made me laugh so hard others came into my office to see what I was watching!


This one was also cute (another condom commercial):




Actually this commercial is extremely effective. You show this to college students and trust me you get the message across. The best thing about this commercial is that is not like other condoms commercial that trying to be sexy or use the subject of sex to promote the product, this commercial gives you the consequences of an action.

I think it was pretty funny and it doesn't bother me.  It doesn't make fun of any

social group (except maybe cannibals and Sharks).  So don't find it over the top.  It is a good

sample of where 3D animation has taken the film and TV industry.  Now any concept

a writer can think of, can be brought to the screen.  That is pretty amazing.

Loved it, but my sense of humor is very wide, as I used to do stand-up for three years.  People need to laugh more, and stop being so PC.   I loved the snickers commercials with Betty White as well.  Bud Light commercials can stretch the imagination,  and they are very funny.
Actually I found this commercial extremely funny. Although I saw the original run, was at least 15 seconds longer; therefore, it makes more sense to it. Nevertheless, I don't think the commercial was really effective. Its funny and people might remember it but they won't remember what was the product, in this case the new snickers, all about.
It was funny but also a little distasteful, no pun intended.  Based on what is out there currently, this is a good commercial!



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